The Cotswold Water Park is an area that has a reputation as an environment of great scenic, natural and sporting value; a reputation recognised at a regional, national and even international level.


Sustainability first.


The Vision

• Develop building designs that understand summer and
winter sun paths to optimise passive solar gains
• Optimise solar orientation to each specific site
• Use local materials to reduce transportation
• Use low embodied energy materials wherever possible
• Use higher levels of insulation to retain heat
• Embody designs with a strong sense of place
• Enhance the landscape and biodiversity rather than
merely mitigating harm
• Incorporate renewable energy generating strategies that
are appropriate to the site


Concept to completion

Working closely with our trusted teams of architects, space planners, interior designers and, of course, you, it's all hands on deck when it comes to the creation of your stunning lakeside home. Together we will create a truly awe-inspiring property, complete with your very own finish and design visualisation.

You can work with our highly experienced interior designers to bring your ideas for interiors to life. Or, if you would prefer, you can shape the interiors yourself, perhaps calling on someone you have partnered with before.

Lake view homes


With over 30 years' premium property and design experience, our team includes architects, surveyors, interior designers, project managers and a dedicated aftersales team. We are all committed to ensuring that our builds and your individual projects are handled with the right expertise and complete care so we can deliver the lakeside property that meets your exacting standards.

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